St Maarten The Caribbean Gourmet Island

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Visit St Maarten The Caribbean Gourmet Island by Private Jet

Ironically the French and Dutch have lived side by side on the island for centuries and have preserved this paradise of turquoise waters and spectacular white sand beaches. Accordingly the incredibly vibrant mix of cultures, architecture and cuisine gives St Maarten The Caribbean Gourmet Island its charismatic and elegant atmosphere no other Caribbean island has.

Presently with over 30 beaches featuring an impressive array of landscapes and an exciting choice of fine dining restaurants; take time to enjoy what this iconic Caribbean island has best to offer.

Things to do:

  • Explore the appealing French town of Marigot, best known for its colored houses, iconic culture and craft market.
  • Hit the town and go shopping at the best luxury boutique in Philipsburg’s iconic city center.
  • Dine at La Cigale and enjoy the charms of the French cuisine and a phenomenal view of the lagoon.
  • Party all night at St Maarten’s nightlife hot spots.

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