The Midsize Lear Jet 85 Bombardier Aerospace was going to be Lear’s futuristic jet with a total composite design. It would fit between the mid and super-mid size range for jets. While the Midsize Lear 85 Bombardier Aerospace was being designed and manufactured in Mexico and Northern Ireland. The Lear Jet 85 Bombardier Aerospace first flight was conducted in 2014 because of delays with financing.

Midsize Lear Jet 85 Bombardier Aerospace

During 2015 Bombardier announced they would be discontinuing the testing therefore laying of 1000 people and decided the concentrate their efforts on their long range heavy jet the Global 7000/8000. Since then there has been no discussion of restarting the Midsize Lear Jet 85 program. Meanwhile Bombardier currently produces the Lear 75.

Midsize Lear Jet 85 Bombardier Aerospace Facts: 

  • 2 crew and 8 passengers
  • Max weight is 15,195 kg (33,500 lb)
  • Max altitude is 14,935 m (49,000 ft)
  • Normal cruise speed is 829 km/h; 448 kn (515 mph)
  • Max Range of 4,828 km; 2,607 nmi (3,000 mi)


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