Understanding the Boeing 737 Max Accident Cause

Boeing 737 Max Jet Family - Pride Jets
Boeing 737 Max Jet Family - Understanding the Boeing 737 Max Accident Cause

There is often a lot of mystery behind what makes jets fly. And even more the complex systems and computers that control these jets. Understanding the Boeing 737 Max accident cause will hopefully explain some of this mystery.

Understanding the Boeing 737 Max Accident Cause

The Boeing 737 Max is the latest version of the popular Boeing 737 airliner. It has not changed much aerodynamically. But instead the latest technology has been used. When technology works it reduces the workload and makes for better aircraft. But if it fails, it can turn into a nightmare quickly. For this reason understanding the Boeing 737 Max accident cause is important for regulators and consumers in the aviation industry.

Two Boeing 737 Max aircraft crashed within months of each other with several similarities. 

Most notably there have been two accidents within months. Lion Air and

Lion Air Boeing 737 Max - Pride Jets
Lion Air Boeing 737 Max

Ethiopian Airlines. In both instances the jets were almost new and the flight paths followed similar routes. This led to the grounding of the majority of the Boeing 747 Max fleet around the world.

After the first accident Boeing issued a memo to pilots on how to avoid such a situation. But contended

Ethiopian Boeing 737 Max - Pride Jets
Ethiopian Boeing 737 Max

that there was no issue with the airliners. After the second accident Boeing said they were working on a software patch to fix the issue. But what is the issue and how can it be solved?

First to understanding the Boeing 737 Max accident cause, one must understand that accidents can always be traced back

Boeing said they are working on a software patch

to human error. Boeing used a new software system to protect the airliner in the event of a stall. This system pushes the nose down to gain speed and recover. A similar system is also used in other airliners and private jets.

“Accidents can always be traced back to human error.”

Even though it may be hard to hear, airplanes experience failures more often than we would like to know. But the airplane has procedures and a checklist to handle almost every emergency. So if we are flying as a passenger we may never know the emergency existed.

When Boeing installed this new software system they did NOT update the emergency procedure and checklist. So if this software system failed the pilots did not have clear instructions how to deal with it. Boeing contended that another emergency procedure checklist would. But unless you had specific knowledge, a pilot would not know this. And this process involved 3 different emergency procedure checklists. A difficult task even for the most experienced pilot when dealing with a pressing emergency.

Understanding the Boeing 737 Max accident cause should lead to safer flying

While Boeing is working on a software patch to correct the issue. They must also work on update the emergency procedure checklists for the flight crews. In addition there will be more oversight from authorities to ensure this is all done properly.

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While Boeing does offer the 737 Max in a BBJ configuration. The chances you will charter or fly in a private one are small. Other private jets do have similar systems but have shown to be safe.  And pilots well trained on the procedures and checklists in the event of emergencies.

If you consider consider flying private jet or wish to learn more about this article please contact us here at Pride Jets! We are here to serve.


  1. I have several concerns. Both Lion Air and Ethiopia are 3rd world countries and don’t have the same regulations and requirements as the US or the EU.

    I read in this article both flight paths were similar. That is true but they are also similar to Ethiopian flight ET409 that went down after 5 minutes after departure in 2010 in a 737-800. “The investigation revealed that the probable causes of the accident were the flight crew’s mismanagement of the aircraft’s speed, altitude, headings and attitude through inconsistent flight control inputs resulting in a loss of control and their failure to abide by CRM principles of mutual support and calling deviations.”

    The effect of MCAS is the same as a runaway stab trim for which emergency procedures exist in the AFM ever since the first 737 was delivered in 1967. The Stab Trim disconnect is located in the same location as delivered in 1967.

    We know Lion Air released an unairworthy airplane. We know Lion air has been known for aircraft accidents and incidents and was banned from the EU from 2007 till 2016. We know Southwest Airlines has flown close to 90,000 flight hours and made 44,000 landings since taking delivery of the 737max and has reported no problems with the aircraft.

    I disagree with the grounding of the Max. If I’m flying the airplane manually and the stab trim starts trimming that’s my first clue I have a problem. It shouldn’t be doing anything. If the stab is continuing to trim nose down and I’m having to use excess force on the yoke for up elevator how long am I going to do that until I reach over, turn the stab trim off and manually trim it back to the green?

    I know not all the facts are out yet and hope the investigation is truthful and honest. I know the pilots in the flights did not want to die anymore than the passengers and this is horrible. I am furious at the companies, Ethiopian Airlines and Lion Air, for not providing the training needed to command the 737max.

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