5 Reasons United Airlines PR Disaster Proved Flying Private Jets is a Better Choice

United Airlines Boeing 787 Takeoff from Runway

By now most of us have heard about United Airlines forcibly removing a passenger from a flight after they refused to give up their seat due to an overbooking. If you haven’t already flown in a private jet then you will to know the 5 reasons United Airlines PR disaster proved flying private jets is a better choice.

Find out the 5 reasons United Airlines PR disaster proved flying Private Jets is a better choice.

The passenger onboard the United Airlines flight 3411 departing from Chicago O’Hare International Airport was bound to Louisville, Kentucky. Three passengers had already voluntarily given up their seats but Dr. David Dao refused to leave his seat. Dr. Dao stated that he was a doctor and had clients that were needing his treatment the following morning.

This resulted in United (UAL.N) contacting airport police and having the passenger forcibly removed. The resulting led to one of the worst public relations nightmares for UA.

United Airlines CEO Oscar Munoz Press Conference

United shares dropped almost $1 billon in market value in one day from this PR disaster.

Initially United CEO, Oscar Munoz, defended the airline and staff’s actions but after public backlash on social media and press he quickly changed his position and apologized to the passenger and public and promised changes to United’s policies and procedures.

The United Stated Department of Transportation (USDOT – FAA) has launched an investigation into the incident. Other agencies, politicians and representatives have called for review of the overbooking policies for all airlines.

It has been a rough past month for United as they have had 4 major PR disasters. Definitely proving one of the 5 reasons United Airlines PR disaster proved flying private jets is a better choice.

Will these PR disasters continue?

  • United denied boarding to 2 teenage girls for leggings they deemed inappropriate
  • Threatened to handcuff a full fare first class passenger Geoff Fearns due to United overbooking his flight from Hawaii to California
  • The overbooking of UA 3411 and subsequent forcible removal of Dr. David Dao resulting injuries for the doctor
  • Bride and groom kicked off a United flight in Houston that were going to Costa Rica for their wedding.

Surprisingly airlines like United have the legal ability to overbook flights. They normally use historical data on specific routes to analyze how many passengers do not show up for a specific flight. Then an airline would allow that flight to be oversold by the same amount of passengers that were no shows. While assuming the same amount of passengers will not show and they will have a full flight to maximize their revenue.

If you are a regular traveler, you have experienced or been in an airport when airlines are asking for volunteers for an overbooked flight. There are offers of compensation and warnings if there are no volunteers that you can or may be denied boarding.

What differs in the UA 3411 flight was that all the passengers were already onboard the aircraft and seated, included Dr. David Dao. After all the passengers had boarded, United decided to put 4 of its employees on the flight and removed 4 paying passengers that were already boarded and seated on the aircraft. By definition this is not “denied boarding” as the passengers were already boarded. Another reason proving flying private jets is a better choice.

The customer is always right

Airlines like United are constantly looking to improve profit and fight competition with the other carriers such as American, Southwest and Delta airlines. Often the passengers are the one that lose.

There was a time in the industry not too long ago, when flying in an airline was something exciting and memorable. Now the memories usually are of rude security agents, invasive searches and grumpy flight crews. You can’t even get a snack on some airlines now.

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BBJ Boeing 757 Interior Luxury Bedroom

Traveling on a private jet; whether to your next business meeting, a vacation or an exciting adventure gives you unparalleled flexibility. Most of all you don’t have to deal with any of the issues that airline process presents.

Private jets come in sizes all the way from a 3 seat Very Light Jets (VLG) all the way to the jumbo sized Airbus A380 ACJ jets.

When you weigh the pros and cons of airlines vs private jets travel you will find private jets are the better option. Just factor the time wasted in airports that you can  save flying a private jet.

Flying private Jets is the better choice. No overbooking or bad attitudes. 

When you rent or charter a private jet you enter a completely different world then when you book with an airline. The entire process is switched and you are the focus of the flight instead of you being just a number on a packed airliner.

PRIVAtE JET Travel is focused on your EXPERIENCE.

Imagine showing up to the airport! When you arrive you can drive your car past security and directly to your private jet. When you exit your car you are greeted by your name and escorted by the flight crew inside the private jet while the ground crew load your luggage and park your car without you having to ask or say a word.

Inside the private jet you pick what seat you want and can move without hinderance. You will find friendly flight attendant and pilots that will attend to all your needs happily, including fully catered 5 star meals, snacks and a full bar. By the time 5 minutes have passed you are taking off while realizing that you never had to go through security screening or a cumbersome boarding process. You sit back and enjoy your favorite movie or use the internet with onboard wifi that is immediately available on your way to your destination.

Falcon 2000 Luxury Private Jet parked on VIP Ramp.

If you had any doubts on flying private jets; hopefully the United Airlines PR disaster will prove that flying in your own private jet is a better choice. You will be surprised at how affordable it can be; especially if you value your time.

The 5 reasons United Airlines PR disaster proved flying Private Jets is a better choice:

  1. No overbooking when flying on private jets
  2. You can wear whatever clothing you feel comfortable in
  3. No TSA checkpoints or intrusive security searches and pat downs
  4. A clean aircraft that is setup for you and any special requests that you desire
  5. There is no wasted time. You show up and depart to your destination immediately. Friendly VIP treatment all the time. You are the star.

United Airlines will hopefully clean up their PR disaster as passengers should never be treated the way Dr. David Dao was. But airlines and busy airports will always be congested and passengers subjected to long waits, cancelations, and intrusive security procedures. Private jet travel is the better choice.

If you consider consider flying private jet or wish to learn more about this article please contact us here at Pride Jets! We are here to serve.



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